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Enemy Spotlight: The Gawks

After 9 years of development, Owlboy is finally ready to take to the skies! But with new adventures, follows new dangers! Slimy, glaring dangers!

Today, let's take a closer look at the Gawks!

Gawks usually travel in packs. They learn to value the company of other Gawks from a very young age, often following their mother in great numbers. Newly hatched specimens, are called Peeks.

Leader of the pack.

Kings of the Sky

Owls are renowned for their ability to manouver freely in the air. But agility wise, Gawks are the true kings of the sky! They have the ability to hide, leap and swarm their targets - in coordinated fashion!

You are considered very lucky to survive a Gawk ambush, if you ever find yourself in one!

FLY you fools!

While Gawks prefer living amongst their kin in the wild, there are those who let themselves be tamed. If you ever spot a pet Gawk, know that only the most persistent individuals have been known to tame them.

A pirate and his Gawk!

Environmental Gawks

If a pack of Gawks finds a leader amongst themselves, they will form a hive. When forming a hive, the rest of the pack will band together to protect it, allowing the leader to grow to full size.

Gawks are highly adaptive, and there are several kinds of Gawks across the world! There are kinds resistant to heat, to cold, and some even brandish different kinds of facial protection to better survive encounters.

For as long as there have been owls, there have been Gawks. An excerpt from the House Of Teaching:

"From all the species who have adapted to this floating world of ours, the species known as 'Gawks' have been the most persistent.

Throughout our studies, we've discovered that Gawks feel a strong urge to seek companionship, not only amongst themselves, but amongst other species.

The Gawks have no natural predators, and so their numbers are high, even in the most hostile corners of the skies."

...And they'll see you soon!

While there are many flying creatins in the world of Owlboy, Gawks are the most common and (presumably) the most dangerous. When a Gawk first spots you, it won't let you out of it's sight!

Keep an open eye and beware, as you start exploring the skies on November 1st!

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