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The PAX 10 – Dev Entry #1 – Towerfall

August 19th, 2013


On the 30th of August we’re going to PAX, the single biggest event we’ve ever had the honor of being invited to. We’ll be part of this year’s selected PAX 10, and as such, we’ll have more info on our game Owlboy the coming days, but I’d also like to seize this oppertunity to shed some light on the other 9 games and developers who’s going to join us for the event.

I will create one post every day up until the 30th, covering info on each of the selected games, some of which I’m a HUGE fan of, some which I’ve had knowledge of, and some which are new and exciting. My goal is to spend a few moments with these little great games, sharing whatever I learn about them along the way, all the while me and my team prepares for the single most important event of our humble indie lives.

Today! Towerfall!


We were one of the devs that backed the Ouya the second we saw it announced, and following the days of the console’s appearance, we found ourselves dreaming of the games we could create on such a platform. With it’s 4 controllers, easy download system, and enough affordable power for our needs, the Ouya seemed, and still seems promising! The VERY first game we downloaded and played on the day our console arrived was Towerfall.


I’ve always been an EXTREME sucker for pixel-art, and with pixels as crisp as the ones Towerfall offered, at the boot-up our new device, it was a reflex go-to game, while also keeping in mind the things we’ve heard about it beforehand: “TOWERFALL is THE Ouya SELLER!”, “pukes fun all over your face!”, and “multiplayer madness”(of which I’m also a whacko for).

The premise of the game? Nail up to 3 other players with as many arrows as you can, win the match! Bounce around the level, get new powerups and stages as you go, but always make sure to land an arrow between the eyes of your opponent, as if the universe depends on it.

So simple, so beautiful, so hilariously fun! It seems to me that Matt and his team knows exactly which amount of polish and gameplay a focused piece of art like this needs. A keeper, and a good start for the rise of a new console. Can’t wait to see more from these guys, and if you’re like me, bookmark em, and get excited for whatever they’ll do next.

Towerfall Developer Website

Tomorrow there will be fishing, the ridicoulous type!

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