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Dev Entry #6 – Rogue Legacy

August 26th, 2013


A game concept that has always struck me as an untapped source of innovation/fun, has to be the concept of heritage between characters. If there’s one game I always thought would hold the torch on this one, it was when I first heard of Lionhead’s Project Ego(aka Fable).

I’ve been looking for a game that properly used the idea of heritage to such an extent that the gameplay would actually change based on the given traits of a character. Since Fable dropped the ball on this concept, I’m glad there are great alternatives!

Rogue Legacy

…is pure addictive fun! The game has become extremely known, atleast within my own circles, but until now I’ve only watched as others play, because I knew that this was a game that would require me to go sleepless.


Rouge Legacy is a 2D platform RPG, which starts you off with a hero, which you control until he is killed (early in the game), to leave you with a choice: Which traits are you’re next descendant gonna have. There will usually be a down-sided and a couple of up-sided traits to choose from. The choice you make alters the characters abilities, and sometimes alters playstyle entierly. A couple of gameplay mechanics makes the game very addictive:

  • You can upgrade you’re family castle with looted gold
  • New classes can be unlocked by upgrading certain parts of the castle
  • Weapons and armor can also be upgraded
  • Each time you enter the castle, you lose all your coins, and the castle is randomized

Replay ability is sick in this game, and it’s also why you’ll tolerate to die… ALOT! The game is quite big, and I havn’t been able to get to the first boss yet. Once PAX is done, there is no doubt that I will!

Go here( to get the game: Be warned, if you’ve got important shit to do(like readying demos for PAX), don’t get it!

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