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Dev Entry #7 – Sokobond

August 28th, 2013


Despite my programmer/problem solving nature, all form of puzzle games has always rustled my brain. Therefore in those occations that I do sit down with a puzzler, I subtly gather an group of people who can help me. I couldn’t for the life of me finish Braid without the aid of a buddy, or ever understand Sudoku without proper explanation 100 times over.

So while I my brain lost in the battle of playing the next entry, I could trust the help of my co-workers to help me out.


Now puzzling combined with chemistry is a deathtrap waiting to spring. Luckily, we got through un-singed. In Sokobond, the goal is to form a molicule from elements that you can control and shove around the game board. The elements have connection points which tells you if you can make further connections. Some elements only have 1 connection, and some have several.

  • Control your element by using arrow keys
  • You’re element can be controlled in 4 directions on a board
  • Each stage has it’s own board.
  • Elements on the board can be pushed by the element you’re controlling
  • Completing a molicule completes the stage.


I think it’s the meditative state I enter(due to the music,sounds and aestetics of the game) that saves me from going bonkers. Only from 10 minutes playing Sokobond, I learned more about chemistry than 10 years of schooling on the subject. Therefore, I recommend it to any puzzle enthusiast out there, including chemisty fanatics. The funfacts at the end of each stage is reward enough in them selves!

Oh and Sokobond is out right now! Get it!

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